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I made this is blog especially for Super Generation Fan Fiction / FF I wrote myself and a few FF by another author (with full credit).. Other than Super Generation Fan Fiction/FF, there are another couple FF like Secret Couple or Hahyo couple (HaHyo sibling now), Spartace couple, f(x) and Shinee couple..

All readers are allowed to copy my FF/story IF you put full credit (I hope you understand), since all the story in here is made and post in this blog only..

If you feel like my FF/story is lame or you want to critics my language or you just simply angry because of the ending, just post your disappointment or insult on the comment section, so I can do better in the future..

If you have any request, another couple you want me to write, other than Super Generation couple, just write your request on the comment section too, I will try my best to fullfil your request..

Well, last but not least, thank you all to stop by on my blog or page or whatever you called it, and I hope you enjoy my FF/story..


Super Generation Couple :

1. TaeTeuk [Leeteuk and Taeyeon] - Leader Couple
  1. Jangan Marah Lagi
  2. My Melody
  3. Song For You [on progress]
2. HanYoung [Hankyung and Sooyoung]
  1. Akan Ku Jaga
  2. Sahabat?! Bohong Banget!! 
  3. Kemana ya??
3. HeeSica [Heechul and Jessica]

4. YulSung [Yesung and Yuri]
  1. Endless Love
  2. Can We Stay Like This Forever??
5. KangJi [Kangin and Yoonji] - Acorn Jelly Couple
  1. Kutunggu
6. Shindong and Sunny - Cute Couple
  1. Just an ordinary date [on progress]
7. SunSun [Sungmin and Sunny] - Aegyo Couple
  1. Without You - Part 1 dan Part 2 [dalam proses]
  2. Pretty Boy and Handsome Girl 1 [on progress]
8. HyoHyuk [Eunhyuk and Hyoyeon] - Dancing Couple
  1. Ulang Tahun
  2. I'm Gonna Be Okay
  3. Neorago, Paboya..
  4. Their Love Story
  5. Falling in Love Again, Again and Again [Sequel of Neorago, Paboya] : Indonesia version - English version
9. HaeSica [Donghae and Jessica]
  1. I'm Right Here
  2. Be My Girl
  3. Mengertikah?! : Indonesian version - English version
  4. Wouldn't Change A Thing : Indonesian version - English version
10. HaeHara [Donghae and Hara]
  1.  I Don't Care
11. YulHae [Yuri and Donghae]
  1. That Perfect Someone Part 1 dan Part 2
  2. He Stole My First Kiss
  3. My Valentine 
12. SiFany [Siwon and Tiffany]
  1. Our Future 
  2. AF-MF [on progress]
13. Siwon and Taeyeon
  1. No one but you [on progess]
14. YulWon [Yuri and Siwon]
  1. Fixing A Broken Heart
15. YulWook [Yuri and Ryeowook]
  1. My Little Sister
16. YoonBum [Yoona and Kibum] - Cute Couple => My Fave Couple
  1. Our Anniversary
  2. One Last Cry ft. Seokyu Couple
  3. On That Rainy Day [on progress]
17. Luna and Ryeowook

18. SeoKyu [Seohyun and Kyuhyun] - Magnae Couple => My Fave Couple
  1. On The Night Like This - Indonesia Vers - English Vers.
  2. Hate That I Love You So - Indonesia Vers. - English Vers.
  3. Our Future
  4. I Need A Girl [bukan FF buatan ELF_911/SAYA]
  5. One Last Cry ft. Yoonbum Couple
19. KyuRi [Kyuhyun and Yuri]
  1. Fiance ; English version - Indonesia version
20. The 3's The Series [bacanya sesuai urutan y.. ^^]
  1. I Don't Care
  2. I'm Right Here
  3. Mengertikah?! : Indonesian version - English version
  4. Fiance ; English version - Indonesia version
  5. Wouldn't Change A Thing : Indonesian version - English version
  6. On That Rainy Day [on progress]
  7. When You Love Someone [on progress]
21. The Next Generation of The 3's : 3+1
  1. When You Love Someone [on progress]
21. Eximius Academy

  1. Prolog [on progress]

Another Couple :

1. MinsTal
  1. Our Love Story Part 1 dan Part 2
2. Khuntoria
  1. First Love
  2. I Can't [on progress]
  3. Love at the sight [on progress]

3. HaHyo / Secret Couple [Ha Dong Hoon and Song Ji Hyo]
  1. Be Mine
  2. Sekarang??
  3. Secret Couple FF Compilasi [Gabungan 11 FF berbeda dari beberapa author berbeda]
4. SPARTACE Couple [Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo]
  1. How your Father find your Mother!!
  2. Just you
  3. I Think I'm In Love [on progress]
  4. My Nemesis [on progress]
5. MinSul [Minho and Sulli]
  1. Etude
  2. Couple Thing
  3. The New Story of Snow White [on progress]
5. Xiumin and Amber
  1. Pretty Boy and Handsome Girl 2 [on progress]

Jumlah FF : 38


1. My Own Poems - My Own Love Line
2. My Own Poems - Others

"Our Friendship" Project

1. Super Junior [dalam proses]
3. My Super Junior Song 1
4. My Super Junior Song 2 [on progress]


1. Lee Soo Man
2. SME Unfair Treatment
3. Fun Facts about SeoKyu
4. Try This One
5. Running Man Member Relations
6. Girl's Generation
7. Bwt Reader
8. Buat para Reader 
9. Penghargaan AllKpop untuk SJ maupun ELF
10. Kyuhyun Bangga Lulus Universitas bukan sebagai Mahasiswa Selebritis
11. We are an Everlasting Friends of Super Junior
12. #10yearswithSuperJunior

And I also have a lot of "on progress", means the idea and all the basic things is done, but sometimes I have no time to do all of that.. I really appreciate your understanding and if you feel that's too long for an update, just remind me through the comment below..


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