Author : ELF_911
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After : End of School Year (coming soon)
Genre : School Life
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(Kangta, BoA, DBSK, Stephanie, Super Junior, SNSD, Shinee, F(x), EXO and Red Velvet)
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There are many reason to build a school, but there is only 1 reasons to build Eximious Academy, to protect special kids and treat them like a normal students.

Students in Eximious Academy are divided into 7 extra class :

1. Guardian Angels :
Students in this class in charge of all students and school safety. They have no extra class, like other students. During extra class time, they will patrol around the school or going to any place they are needed.

Guardian Angels class consists of :
  • Kim Ryeowook [class 12]
    • Position : Captain
    • Power : Calm people with his voice (hypnotic)
  • Hwang Tiffany [class 11]
    • Power : Make and control fire
  • Sunny (Choi Sunkyu) [class 9]
    • Power : All animal pheromon
    • Daughter of Eximious Owner (She is the reason Mr Choi build this Academy)
  • Sulli (Choi Jinri) [class 9]
    • Power : Telepathy (Guardian's connector, She develop her power, so every guardian able to talk with each other without actually talking, Sulli's able to connect all Guardian Angels member together)
  • Lee Taemin [class 11]
    • Power : 1000 men strength
  • Xiumin (Kim Minseok) [class 7]
    • Position : Magnae
    • Power : Control Water
  • Chen (Kim Jongdae) [class 9]
    • Position : Gate Keeper
    • Power : Control Lightning
2. Celebrity class :
Student is celebrity class is a bunch of students, who is a real celebrity, sometimes they will stay at the dorm, but most of the time, they just come for the regular class and going back after.

Celebrity class consist of :
  • Yesung (Kim Jonghoon) [class 12]
  • Choi Siwon [class 11]
  • Im Yoona [class 11]
  • Jung Junsu [class 12]
  • Wendy (Song Seungwan) [class 8]
  • BoA (Kwon Boah) [class 10]
  • Amber Josephine [class 7]
  • Kris (Wu Yifan) [class 7]

3. Heir class :
Student in this class is heir from various company in Korea. They usually hang out with each other and talk about business.

Heir class consist of :
  • Kim Kibum [class 11]
  • Jung Jessica [class 11]
  • Choi Sooyoung [class 9]
  • Hero (Kim Jaejoong) [class 10]
  • Kang Seulgi [class 9]
  • Oh Sehun [class 7]
  • Zhoumi [class 8]

4. Art Genius class :
Not only painting and sculpting, student in this class able to make a song, create a dance move and compose a music.

Art Genuis class consist of :
  • Shindong (Shin Donghee) [class 12]
  • Eunhyuk (Lee Hyukjae) [class 12]
  • Kim Hyoyeon [class 12]
  • Victoria [class 10]
  • Byun Baekhyun [class 9]
  • D.O [class 7]
  • Henry Lau [class 8]
5. Athlete class :
Just like the title, this class fill with athlete from various sports, they are centered in a gym.

Athlete class consist of :
  • Han Geng [class 12]
  • Kangin (Kim Youngwoon) [class 12]
  • Lee Sungmin [class 10]
  • Shim Changmin [class 10]
  • Joy (Park Sooyoung) [class 8]
  • Kim Jonghyun [class 9]
  • Kai (Kim Jongin) [class 9]

6. Genius class :
All they needed in this class is a lab of their own, more of a study room of their own.

Genius class consist of :
  • Park Kyuhyun [class 10] (Kyuhyun has ability to invent things, but he doesn't want to reveal it and Kyuhyun is the child of Mr Head Master and Mrs Deputy Principal.)
  • Yeri (Kim Yerim) [class 8]
  • Key (Kim Kibum) [class 7]
  • Lu Han [class 8] 
  • Lay (Yixing Zhang) [class 8]
  • Kim Stephanie [class 10]

7. Arcanus :
Arcanus is a special class because member of this class is a highly skilled spy and trained since they all very young age.. They ability match every extra class in this academy martial art, athlete class, genius class, heir class even guardian class, but they are work for government. All the rules in this academy not applicable for all of them, all member of Arcanus able to get in and get out of Academy area without any trouble.

Arcanus class consist of :
  • Kwon Yuri [class 12]
    • Power : Flexible Body (She's fit everywhere)
  • Lee Donghae [class 11]
    • Power : Pain and Heal (Give other pain and heal their wound)
  • Micky (Park Yoochun) [class 11]
    • Power : No Gravity
  • Park Chanyeol [class 7]
    • Power : Control and make ice
  • Jung Krystal [class 7]
    • Power : Teleportation
  • Choi Minho [class 10]
    • Power : Liven up all the tattoo on his skin, all his tattoo able to come out and be real for a week, before they vanish
  • Irene (Bae Joohyun) [class 8]
    • Power : Mind reader
Eximius academy provide their students with dormitory, 4 building of dormitory, 2 building for namja (Senior High and Junior High) and 2 building for yeoja (Senior High and Junior High).

As a capable Academy, Eximious Academy have a great teacher :
  1. Owner of Eximious Group : Mr Choi Daniel (Mr. Gardener and Head of The Guardian)
  2. Head Master : Leeteuk (Park Jungsu)
  3. Deputy Principal : Kim Taeyeon 
  4. Theater Guru : Kim Heechul
  5. Math Teacher : Seohyun (Seo Joohyun)
  6. Dance Teacher : Jung Yunho
  7. Vocal Teacher : Onew (Lee Jinki)
  8. Martial Art and Sport : Kangta (Ahn Chilhyun)
  9. Science Professor : Luna (Park Sunyoung)
  10. Art Teacher : Lee Yeonhee
  11. Senior High Coordinator also Head of Yeoja Dormitory : Go Ahra
  12. Junior High Coordinator also Head of Namja Dormitory : Suho (Kim Junmyeon)
Author hope my reader will enjoy this story.