Author : ELF_911
Genre : Romance
Main Cast : Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo
Other Cast : RM Members
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~Kwangsoo POV~
at Haha oppa restaurant

"nuna.. hey nuna..", I need to called her for three or four times for her to realized that I'm here.. but she just look at me with that blank look and, "hmm??", is all she can do to answer me.. Jaesuk oppa also looks desperate to see our Jihyo noona lifeless like this..

just after Jihyo takes a deep breath, she stand up and left after a short "see you guys.." even without smile that's always make her looks so pretty..

"eotteohge hyung?? she's been like this since we got back from Jakarta.. and it's a month ago..", Gary hyung also worried since her dongsaeng looks like she have no desire to live anymore, and it's all started when that message coming.. message from Eun Hye noonim.. she want to see and hang out with Jongkook hyung, sooooo she invite him for a dinner and Jong Kook say no in front of Ji Hyo noona.. but he got to the dinner behind our noona back..

"you know.. even without that message, they're no longer spoken to each other, except they are in front of camera.. and you know why.. because Jongkook doesn't want Jihyo to have any kiss scene anymore.. and that's all because of that one eps..", Sukjin hyung just shake his head in desperate..

"I know.. they met because of RM, they together because of RM and now they separate also thanks to RM.. you know, we have to do something.. they have to talk and solve their own problem and not running away like this..", Jaesuk oppa suddenly looks like he had an idea after I said that we have to do something..

"okay, let's do this one more time.. let's help them.. if there still no hope, then we can give up then.. okay??", and after say yes in unisono.. we're divide ourself into 2 teams.. one to find Jongkook hyung and the other to find Jihyo noona..
~Jihyo POV~

"nuna.. hey nuna..", I got back from my own daydream when Kwangsoo can't stop bother me, "hmm??", I answer him, but my head is still on the picture of me and Jongkook oppa walk together hand in hand when we are walking beside Hangang ..

they all still talking about me have to be bright again, "how??" is what I really want to ask them.. me and him is in relationship for 6 month already.. but he, really, I'm not going to be angry if he just simply tell me when he's going to see her, why secretly?? behind my back??

I'm so annoyed so I just simple say, "see you guys..", and left..

I'm heading to the cashier and pay for all of our bill, it's my false that they all gather here to hear my story but I just close my mouth for hours while they all come running for me.. I can still here Gary oppa said, "eotteohge hyung?? she's been like this since we got back from Jakarta.. and it's a month ago..", and even Sukjin oppa words makes me shed tears again, "you know.. even without that message, they're no longer spoken to each other, except they are in front of camera.. and you know why.. because Jongkook doesn't want Jihyo to have any kiss scene anymore.. and that's all because of that one eps..", but it's my job.. is it something wrong with that?? oppa knows my feeling, why it have to be a problem anyway?? and finally I can't hold it any longer when Kwangsoo said, "I know.. they met because of RM, they together because of RM and now they separate also thanks to RM.. you know..", tears just wont stop pour down and I got out of Haha oppa restaurant crying again..

I stop taxi in front and give my card name to him, "to this address ahjussi..", after that the taxi just go slowly as my tears still pour down hard.. after I don't know how long, taxi ahjussi wake me up, "agassi ireonayo.. we're here..", I pay him and he gave my name card back.. but after the taxi left, I just realized this isn't my place, than I see the card name.. Jongkook oppa card name.. damn.. I must be miss him a lot, coz I'm holding that card since last night.. the only thing that has his face on..

after waiting for 15 minutes and no taxi pass by, I decided to sit on the bench at the park near Jongkook oppa appartment.. tonight's sky is so clear.. the stars looks so pretty up there.. after tired of just sitting down, I'm walking around the park without me realized my foot taking me to the front of his apartment..

when i want to run away, someone takes my hands and hide me in his arms.. Jongkook oppa.. and when I try to escape, Jaesuk oppa and Haha oppa pass us by..

they all stop just in front of the room that we both hiding coz Jaesuk oppa phone ringing.. "oh Kwangsoo waeyo?? you found her??", Jaesuk oppa ask about found someone.. who?? "Jongkook isn't home too.. and why is Jihyo not home yet.. she back like an hour ago.. okay let's meet up at Haha's place..", Jaesuk oppa put his phone back to his pocket and they both going out..

just when they both gone I realized how close Jongkook oppa to me.. we barely hug each other.. I miss him so much, that warm arm around me.. and I know this is gonna end soon..

but Jongkook oppa hold me back when I tried to escape.. "just a minute.. I miss you Jihyo.. a lot", that's all he said..  and I can resist myself too, I hug him tightly..

after a long hug we both separate when Jongkook oppa phone ringing.. Jaesuk oppa.. I'm about to go out, but Jongkook oppa hold my hand and take me to the elevator..

"oh hyung.. waeyo hyung??", Jongkook say nothing to me but talking on the phone with Jaesuk oppa and we both step to his apartment..

"aniya.. I'm at home.. but I want to see no one.. so see you at the filming site tomorrow hyung..", Jongkook oppa put his phone back to his pocket and open his apartment door for us..

"oppa..", I tried to say something but Jongkook oppa just kiss me.. deeply and doesn't want to let me go.. he stop when he feels me crying..

"hei.. are you okay?? am I hurting you somewhere??", I just shake my head and kiss him back..

"Jongkook oppa..", I called his name..

"hmm..", he answered me..

"oppa..", I call him again..

"hmm..", he answered me again..

"Kim Jongkook oppa..", I call him again, still not believe that I'm sitting on his lap and his arms around my waist, hug me..

"wae??", now he ask me.. "aniya.. still not believe.. that's all..", "believe on what??", he ask me again.. "you.. answer me calling.. me sitting here.. and everything.. you know.. I'm still shed a tear an hour ago.. and here I am an hour later..", he just smile at me..

"mianhe.. I know you dissapointed in me.. I say nothing, explained nothing.. I'm really sorry..", Jongkook oppa said the last sentence while he's kissing me again and again.. word mianhe for every tip on my lips..

I can't do anything but hug him.. "I know I'm become an unsupported boyfriend, hope you can forgive me.. I lack a lot.. while you just like an angel, stay with me no matter what.. just you.. that's no one other than you.. just you in my life..", and we both hug each other for a long, long time.. until that stupid phone ringing again.. I look at Jongkook oppa phone, it's Kwangsoo know..

"WAE??", Jongkook oppa yelled at Kwangsoo.. I just hit his shoulder lightly when Kwangsoo screaming from the front door, "HYUNG.. OPEN THE DOOR..".

we both look at each other and laughing so hard.. I got off of Jongkook oppa and open the door..

"Jihyo noona??", everyone got shock when Kwangsoo say my name..

Sukjin oppa look at me from head to toe and shaking me, "where have you been Song Ji Hyo agassi?? you want to die, geuji??", he hug me after that long speech..

while Sukjin oppa hug me.. the other oppa goes to Jongkook oppa and put their anger on him..

"ya Kim Jongkook.. are you nuts or something?? do you know how much Jihyo crying just because of you??", Gary oppa starts.. and then another simillar words starts flowing from everyone's mouth, everyone but Kwangsoo.. my tall dongsaeng just hug me tightly..

"ya Kwangsoo.. let my girl go..", Jongkook words stop everyone from talking..


everyone goes silent after Jaesuk oppa long and angry speech.. "mianhe guys..", that's what Jongkook oppa can say.. "I know I'm wrong but I promise I'll be better from now on..", he promised me..

but there are still one left.. that han yeoja.. I want to ask, but I have no courage.. "how about her?? Eunhye noonim??", Kwangsoo ask Jongkook oppa fiercely.. I have to thanks him after all this done.. one of my fave dongsaeng..

"there is nothing.. seriously.. she just want to introduced her fiancee to me.. that's why I can say nothing to all of you.. it's complicated..", he said that while looking at Jaesuk oppa..

"why did you say complicated and look at me like that?? and what do you mean by fiancee??", Jaesuk looks really shock..

Jongkook oppa step to my direction.. he hold my hand and, "she just want to chat with me ask about my life and love life.. fiancee means she's going to married in a couple of months.. you just wait hyung, you'll be next her list to meet her fiancee.. okay?? anyone hungry?? coz I'm starving..", suddenly everyone hold their belly and nod..

"let's do delivery.. I want..", I want to join the other to pick the food I like when Jongkook oppa pulled and kiss me again..

"ae hyung keumanhe..", Kwangsoo start nagging and everyone go nagging as well..

"just order some food.. and leave us alone..", Jongkook oppa yelled at them..

when Jongkook oppa look at me, I'm just smiling.. "why did you smilling like that??", he ask in curiosity..

"naneun haengbokada..", but he doesn't believe me, "jinja??", he asked me again in disbelief..

"hmm..", I just nodded my head.. "and..", I said when his about to go with the other.. he look at me again, "I'm happy that we're back together.. us both.. all of our member can gather together again.. jinja haengboke..", I kissed him lightly and we both smile..

just when Jongkook oppa wanna kiss me again, Kwangsoo called his name.. "Jongkook hyung we ordered jajangmyun already.. for you and Jihyo noona too.. and Jaesuk oppa said, you're the one that has to pay the bill and it's all 200 thousands won..", he said with a lot of giggled around him..

Jongkook oppa just yelled, "YA??", and get straight to the sofa..
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