55++ SeoKyu Couple's Facts + Pict

Now, I want to share a couple of things about Seohyun(SNSD) & Kyuhyun(Super Junior) or SEOKYU couple. It is about the fact of this lovely couple. So, for all Wires in the world, you better read this! ^-^
Photo Credit : Seokyu International
55 Facts about our maknae(youngest member) couple, SeoKyu <3 :

1. Both of them are maknae in their own group(Girls' Generation & Super Junior)

2. The same 'Hyun' in their name. Seo Joo Hyun & Cho Kyu Hyun.

3. Kyuhyun's mandarin name is Gui Xian, then Seohyun's mandarin name is Xu Xian.

4. The meaning of Kyuhyun's name is Worthly Jade, then the meaning of Seohyun's name is Worthly Pearl.

5. If Kyuhyun's nickname is Devil Magnae, then Seohyun's nickname is Angel Magnae.

6. SeoKyu are usually had nickname as Magnae couple, The Best SM’s Official.. Unofficial Couple.

7. SeoKyu's fans are called WIRE from WItty = Kyuhyun and puRE = Seohyun.

8. Their skins are both the most white skin in their group.

9. Both are the second tallest member of their group. Kyuhyun after Siwon and Seohyun after Sooyoung.

10. Both of them are the type of taciturn and not to be a hiperactive person in front of camera/some formal events.

11. Both are one of smart students in their school.

12. Both of them have a very good vocals.

13. In their group, they're started to be a lead dancer.

14. Their blood type are the same A.

15. Their mother are working in the boutique, and there is rumour that said their mother are friends.

16. In 2010, the two of them are singing a soundtrack of korean drama. Kyuhyun for Kim tak Goo and Seohyun for Kim Soo Ro.

17. They have the same habit to wear bracelet on right hand.

18. They are an official duet couple of SM Town from 2010-2011, they're always holding hands each other on their duet.

19. Both of them have an innocent face.

20. Both of them have a childish habit. If Kyuhyun capable to play game all night long, so Seohyun couldn't sleep because watching her favorite cartoon, Keroro.

21. Kyuhyun like playing game, Seohyun like anime of Keroro.

22. They like playing piano.

23. In their own group, their position is the 3rd lead vocalist.

24. They are one of SEOUL SONG MV's couple.

25. They often be paired in SPAO products.

26. Kyuhyun ever made Seohyun crying because Kyuhyun said She was sexy, it makes Yoona get mad of him.
kyuhyun : Seohyun-ah, did you cut your hair?
Seohyun : No, it’s wig.
Kyuhyun : omo, sexy.
Seohyun : uuuuuu *crying*
Yoong : oppa how could you say that!
Kyuhun : huh? Wae? >>>> kyuhyun meant it as a compliment

27. 11 is Seokyu's number.

28. Seohyun and Kyuhyun have a photo that been take it together in their own cell phone.

29. Kyuhyun and Seohyun have the same gesture while singing and while holding a microphone.

30. Kyuhyun said that his favorite members in SNSD are Seohyun, Sooyoung, and Yuri.

31. In promotion of SMTOWN Facebook, Seohyun and Kyuhyun get the same part.

32. In APRIL 29th 2011, when Kyuhyun played starcraft for MBC, he use ID with “SEO” in his name.

33. Kyuhyun doesn't like if people talk about SeoKyu, because he didn't want people started to bashing Seohyun.

34. Kyuhyun ever said that they are SM’s BEST OFFICIAL… UNOFFICIAL COUPLE.

35. Kyuhyun ever said 3 most important things in his life are TRIPLE-S, then Eunhyuk answer with Starcraft, Sungmin, Seohyun. Then, Kyuhyun told Eunhyuk to shut up.

36. When Kyuhyun saw SEOKYU's banner in Super Show 2 Manila, Kyuhyun smile happily.

37. Kyuhyun and Seohyun can talk mandarin's language fluently.

38. Even they looks not so close each other, but the truth they're close enough. See on the backstage in SMTOWN LA, ending of GDA, Rehearsal SMTOWN Shanghai.

39. Kyuhyun and Seohyun ever use one headset for two of them.

40. Heechul ever said to remove Yonghwa from WGM when Seokyu take some photo together.

41. Yesung, Siwon, Yoona, Ryeowook are SeoKyu fans too.

42. In September 11th, 2010 while SM TOWN Shanghai, SeoKyu do a little changes on their duet perform. Kyuhyun caress softly Seohyun's hair. Then, in Juni 11th 2011 while SM TOWN Paris, Seohyun and Kyuhyun changes their ways of holding hands because of Seohyun's mistake.

43. Seohyun and SNSD's eonnie ever watch SUSHOW 3 concert in Seoul and Kyuhyun ever watch the first Concert Show of SNSD in Seoul.

44. Seokyu SPAO's photo ever became a cover of Vietnam's magazine.

45. With Siwon, Yoona, Leeteuk, Jessica, their SPAO's photo ever became a cover of YG Japan's magazine.

46. Kyuhyun and Seohyun are both like watermelon.

47. In Januari 1st 2011, Seohyun and Kyuhyun went to the first SHINee's concert with Yoona, Yuri, Yunho, Changmin, Donghae, and Victoria.

48. Their hobby are same, reading book.

49. If Kyuhyun said his ideal type is like Kim Tae Hee, then Seohyun really wanted to acting like Kim Tae Hee.
50. Seokyu have some bracelet that looks similar.

51. They have some similar sunglasses.

52. Both of them ever seeing make the same t-shirt and jacket.

53. Some similar accesories had ever seen been weared by them.

54. Their kind of cellphone are same too.

55. For Gee performance, both of them wearing the same ribbon.

Well, that's the facts of SeoKyu couple collect by Wires. If there is other, i will update it soon. And there are some Bonus pictures of SeoKyu for Wires and everyone. Enjoy~

++ :
1. SeoKyu is the very first male-female couple to Kyuhyun and also Seohyun.

2.Seokyu moments at Dream Concert 2008.

3. SeoKyu moments, Blood Donation Photoshoot with Super Junior and SNSD 2009.
4. SeoKyu moments at Asian Song 2009.

5. Seokyu moments at Star Dance Battle 2010.

6. SeoKyu moments at Seoul Music Award 2010.

7. SeoKyu moment at Golden Disk Award 2010.

8. On a poll about “6 Kpop Idols who Shine at Stage & School”, Kyuhyun was on the 3rd rank, while Seohyun was following on the 4th one.

9. Kyuhyun got the first position on a kidsdaum.net netizens’ polling “Who is the most suitable Idol as a teacher” , while Seohyun got the 3rd position.

10. They have been SM Town’s official duet partners for 2010-2011. During performs, they’ve been always holding hands.

11. Kyuhyun mentioned Seohyun on his Thanks To on Mr. Simple album ”착한서현이” (Nice/Good/Meek Seohyunnie).

12. Kyuhyun was the first man who held Seohyun’s hands.
13. At behind the scene of SEOUL song mv, Kyuhyun showed his worries to Seohyun. He said “ I’m not supposed to complain about this cold weather, since Seohyun is just wearing skirt”.

14. At wgm eps 29th, Seohyun mentioned kyuhyun. She said “Kyuhyun-oppa and me had a duet at a concert. He held my hands”.

15. At SMTC Japan Special Edition which lasted for 3 days, SeoKyu always changed the way of their holding hands in each day.
16. It was about coincidence or not. Seohyun who came to Strong Heart on September 7th, 2011, sat on the same chair which Kyuhyun had sat before at the same occasion on August 23rd, 2011.

17. Singing a duet song “Way Back Into Love” with Kyuhyun made my Paris concert more special (Seohyun Paris Diary).

18. Kyuhyun’s soft & sweet voice is the best in the world (Seohyun Paris Diary).

19. If at that time Kyuhyun didn’t pay attention on me, it would be much difficult for me. That’s why I felt very grateful. (Seohyun Paris Diary).

20. (From SM Town Live 2008 ending)
Kyuhyun : “It feels weird when someone call me oppa or hyung”
Seohyun : “Me too. I laugh so hard when I heard someone call me noona”
Kyuhyun : “Taemin call you noona”
Seohyun : “I said something bad again. I’ll shut up”
Kyuhyun & staffs : *laugh*
21. They both wore clothes with leopard print on comeback photo teaser for their newest album.

22. They both wore purple clothes on mv teaser for their newest album.

23. From SMTOWN Back Stage Interview.

Zhoumi : “What’d you prepared for singing today?”
Kyuhyun : “I’d prepared a surprised performance with SNSD Seohyun”
Zhoumi : *stared at Kyuhyun with teasing gaze* “Huh, was it so?”
Kyuhyun : *nervous* “Yah, it was”
Zhoumi : *keep staring at Kyuhyun*
Kyuhyun : “Please continue. Be quick”
Zhoumi : “....Kyuhyun-ssi”
Kyuhyun : “Ah, get quick!”

24. SeoKyu already had duet for 11 times on SMTC. Start from SMTC Seoul to SMTC NYC.

25. There were several times when Kyuhyun was seen stroked Seohyun’s backhand with his thumb while they were holding hands. These happened two times, at SMTC Seoul & 2nd day of SMTC Paris. Many fans called it with “Kyuhyun Special Gesture”.

26. Seohyun and Kyuhyun had had similar hairstyle.

27. They had same haircolor for several times.
28. They also had some stuffs that looked-alike.

29. Yesung: Kyuhyun really has a lot of fantasies towards destiny, so he often takes public transport.
Kyuhyun: I believe in destiny, every time I take the subway I'm very nervous, because I might meet my destined one. When I'm on the walkway I always nervously look forward, I'm like this.
MC: You should be quite tired then, always being nervous to small things like this, but it looks like you have a very pure side.
Kyuhyun: Yes I'm quite a pure person.
Ryeowook: Kyuhyun, is your destined one here?
Kyuhyun: Not here, must be on the subway.
Did Kyuhyun talk about this ?

30. They were seen stood side by side in the end of some concerts.

31. SeoKyu moments at Love Request 2011.
32. They were on the same position at press conference SMTC Tokyo Special Edition. [exc. Yoona.. Yoonbum forever]

33. Similar hands gesture. And lyrics which sounds like talking to each other.

34. SeoKyu moments at Open Ceremony SMTOWN Tokyo Spcial Edition.
35. Kyuhyun is addicted to games. One day, Seohyun said “I like games. I want to try it later”.
36. Tiffany : “Seohyun can’t drink a lot, but she has started to enjoy alcohol. Seohyun likes to drink wine while eating dinner.”
Taeyeon : “But I think she only drinks wine because she knows it’s good for her health”.
Seohyun : “I felt that in order to fit into the social life, it was necessary to know how to drink. And also, you must know how to accept drinks when offered to you by adults and seniors.”
Senior? Could it be?
37. Along with Sunny, Tiffany, & Taeyeon, Seohyun came to Super Junior Mr. Simple comeback stage at Music Core.

38. Seohyun’s reaction when Kyuhyun sang his part at Sorry-Sorry.

39. Lyrics of duet songs which they sang at SMTC.
If i call you with all my heart, will you comeback to me?
All i wanna do is find a way back into love.

40. SeoKyu moments at ASF 2011.

41. Once more similarity, they like to ride on public transportations.

42. On October 23rd, 2011, they gave a totally shocking surprise at their SMTC NYC duet performance, by leaning heads at each other.

43. Their duet on SMTC NYC became a hot news in Korea. People & netizens show their attentions to this SeoGyu duet . Korean sites and some of tv programs discussed it for several days.

44. Similar hand movements on A-Cha MV and The Boys MV.

45. Kyuhyun : Seohyun-ah, you don’t want to go to dance?
Seohyun : No~

46. Sukira (DJ MinWook was talking about SeoKyu).
RW: (Way Back Into Love) Actually Kyuhyun and Seohyun sang this as a duet in SMTown.
SM: Yup.
RW: they held hands.
SM: Jealous?
RW: I was thinking about when I would be able to sing it as well..
SM: Do you want to hold hands?
RW: Well I don't have to hold hands..
SM: Just stay with holding my hands.
RW: Let's find a time to sing it once.
SM: Okay~ promise, a promise with our listeners~

47. More similar jackets.

48. One of kpop store at myeongdong subway is playing SeoKyu duet on SMTC Japan ♥

49. Seokyu on a Chinese magazine.

50. SeoKyu couple on SMTOWN Photobook.

51. Kyu, do you like that green frog ? Remind me of Keroro ^^

52. SeoKyu moment at MAMA (again). Look at 2.36-2.50 Do you nitice Seohyun's expression ?.... mmmmm... don't know what to say,,, but WiRes must know by themselves ^____^

53. Lyrics of duet songs which they sang at SMTC.
If i call you with all my heart, will you comeback to me?
All i wanna do is find a way back into love.

54. Kyuhyun’s ideal type of woman is a girl who has same faith with him, with eound eyes

tall, with flawless and beautiful legs,

beautiful forehead, also beautiful & graceful. She might be Seo Joohyun?

And Seohyun’s ideal type of man is someone who can understand her job and separate her job life with her private life. She also wanted his man is a faithful man and he can communicate through his smile.
He might be Cho Kyuhyun?

55. Seohyun's ideal type is a man who care for her (based on her Paris diary). And Kyuhyun cares for her, a lot ^^

Some SeoKyu .gif :

Some SeoKyu pictures & edited pictures :

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